Outdoor energy bar

Powerful energy support for outdoor sports.

What is THIS1?

THIS1 outdoor energy bar is a mixture of nuts and seeds to provide natural energy from fats and protein. It is nutritionally balanced to provide a tremendous energy boost at minimum weight.

Its greatest advantage is resistance to extreme temperatures and rough weather conditions. It stays crunchy even in places such as Mount Everest (average -36°C) and the infamous Death Valley (highest 47°C)

It provides approx. 225kcal of energy at 40g of vacuum-packed weight to save space in your backpack. The packaging is made purely of recyclable and reusable materials. Once done, make sure to take the packaging with you from the trip. Don't litter. Seriously.

THIS1 is a result of combining expertise of seasoned outdoor sportsmen, in-depth knowledge about the community and applied innovative technology.

It comes in three delicious flavours: Nut & Seed, Nut & Hemp and Nut & Choc.

Whatever challenge you face, THIS1 is ready to give you just the boost you need.

Is THIS1 for you?

Do you like the thrill of a good challenge?

Tough rain, intense cold or melting heat can't stop you to reach your goal?

Is outdoor one of your passions?

If it's a 'yes' to any of the above, then make sure that you bring THIS1 with you.

Natural, light and durable - THIS1 is your reliable partner for expeditions, competitions and trainings. Whether it's the K2 climb, the Gobi Desert trek or a family camping weekend, it is the best energy snack choice you can find.


THIS1 comes in three deliciously crunchy flavours:

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Each flavour is a combination of carefully selected natural ingredients to provide a healthy and delicious energy boost, without feeling bloated.

It's also a fantastic tea time snack in your leisure time.


“Nut & Seed is my favourite flavour. I always save some space in my backpack for THIS1 bars. As a seasoned alpinist, I can wholeheartedly recommend THIS1 for everyone seeking the climbing thrill.”
Ryszard Pawłowski
5-times conqueror of Mt Everest - Conqueror of the infamous K2 mountain - Topped many 8-thousanders - Member of the exclusive Explorer's Club.
“As a solitaire sailor and chocolate lover, I truly adore the Nut & Choc flavour. For me, it’s a powerful and, most importantly - waterproof energy boost. I recommend THIS1 for extended solo fares over the ocean or even just a kayaking trip at the lake.”
Szymon Kuczyński
Elite solitaire sailor - Solo-sailed the Atlantic - Completed “Maxus Solo Around 2014”
“The Nut & Hemp flavour is definitely my type. I recommend THIS-1 to those who are constantly exposed to extreme conditions even in the highest mountains.”
Marcin "Yeti" Tomaszewski
Famous mountaineer - Leader of the “Extreme and High” - Founder of “The Four Elements” project - Author of many climbing books
“When I tried THIS1 for the first time, I had a feeling that this was something that the outdoor world desperately needed. I have tested it in the most extreme conditions and I was the first to recommend its benefits to countless groups of trainees.”
Grzegorz "Gelo" Mroz
Founder of “GOup” climbing school - Elite climbing instructor - Active member of the “Paprika Corps”

About us

We are not only an energy bar making company.
We are but people who do business with people to serve people.
It was created from scratch by a young man with a drive to change the world and a dream to bring value into the life of every person he encountered. It’s a lifetime mission, and THIS1 is a means to fulfill this goal.
THIS1 is built from blocks of opportunity, where each segment provides value to the world around us:
Natural ingredients for your body
100% recyclable packaging for nature
Hiring apprentices for careers
Our daily goal is to create “dents” in the universe - change someone’s life by offering them an opportunity to grow, giving a helping hand to someone in need or creating value where there wouldn’t be any if we decided not to share our energy bars with you.

THIS1 means making decisions. It means commitment. It speaks actions.